Do The Math

Why is there so little advancement in Marin County?


Challenges Developers Face

Although there is more than enough demand for housing in Marin, there is a severe shortage in the housing supply. Ever-increasing rent prices drive a competitive market and those who are not able to live in Marin are forced to drive hours to their jobs. Developers, who would be able to alleviate the lack of housing, struggle to build in Marin because the cost of building is often far in excess of what the rental market is willing and able to pay.


Put simply: when the risk of building in Marin is displayed against the potential return on investment, developers rarely find it worth their time, hard work, and risk. More often than not, for as much as it costs to bring a project from conception to completion in Marin, it simply makes more sense to build somewhere else. Here’s an example of a development scenario and an outline of all the factors that contribute to this exorbitant, and often unpredictable cost.

Challenges Businesses Face

Unless you're a prospective business owner or developer in Novato, chances are you aren't aware of the inefficiencies attached to obtaining the correct permits. Residents are indirectly affected by the challenges businesses face when they come to our community. We hope our case study below gives you a better perspective.

Facing Reality: Permitting in Novato


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