California Schools Unlikely to Reopen Before End of Academic Year

Author: SFGate Staff

Date: 4/01/2020

Publication: SFGATE

April 1, 12:45 p.m. In a noon press conference, California Governor Gavin Newsom said 774 COVID-19 patients are in intensive care units around the state. That's a 16% increase in one day. He said we need to prepare for a surge and still need 27,000 more ICU beds.

"That’s the number I wake up to that I’m most focused on as governor," Newsom said.

Newsom confirmed Wednesday that children across the state will not be returning to school before the end of the academic year. "We should not prepare to bring our children back into the school setting," Newsom said, and instead school districts should be focused on improving and enhancing distance learning. Read the full story on school facilities staying closed.

As of Wednesday, 35.4 million N95 masks have been distributed to healthcare facilities around the state, he said. "A few more thousand ventilators," which continue to be in short supply, are on their way to the state. Newsom said he set a phase-one goal of 10,000 ventilators and so far 4,254 have been procured.

Newsom also addressed the new studies revealing that face masks can help protect people who are not sick from COVID-19. But, "they are not a substitute for a stay at home order," he said. The state will be issuing official guidelines on face-mask use.

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