Housing is coming soon to BART’s Millbrae Station. The price? 600 parking spots Photo of Rachel Swan

Author: Rachel Swan

Date: 10/18/2019

Publication: San Francisco Chronicle

Of all the stations on the BART line, Millbrae is perhaps the most ripe for development. It’s a bustling transit hub wedged in the middle of a suburb, with parallel tracks where BART riders can cross the platform and catch Caltrain, walk to a bus on El Camino Real, or ride one stop to the San Francisco International Airport.

For years, Millbrae’s other draw — at least for some commuters — was a vast parking lot, with a 2,100-space garage and 900 surface spaces, some of them unused. But that’s about to change with a huge project expected to break ground in December, converting acres of asphalt into restaurants, plazas, a hotel, palm-lined shops and 400 apartments, including 100 for low-income tenants — 80 of them prioritized for veterans.

The price? Six hundred parking spaces. That means people accustomed to driving solo and stowing their cars in the Millbrae parking lot may have to start carpooling, bicycling or riding the bus. It’s made Millbrae a test of people’s willingness to bend their habits and lifestyles, and maybe accept a little inconvenience, to serve the greater good of fighting the housing crisis.


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